Five on Friday

A Tale of Cat Whiskers and Spider Webs
This post is for Amy at Love Made My Home and the Five on Friday meme.

Just to get started...Five things for this week: 
1. Garden hoses that work 

2. Well watered gardens 

3. Clean basements 
(not happening at this house!!!) *sigh*

4. Clean kitty whiskers 

5. Screen doors that are closed 

Well, I'm late again!  I can't believe I forgot yesterday to post... hmmm. Well, actually I can believe I didn't get to my post in a timely fashion because of the little tale I will tell you now...

I was out early in the garden trying to get some more done before the heat really set in.  It was wicked humid and I had been out there for about an hour and a half.  I was drenched from the humidity and quickly reaching the end of my tether.  Just one last thing to do - water the garden...

I went to turn on the water for the garden hose and believe me doing that is no pleasant task... it is in the bottom part of the barn (recall, I live in a converted barn, which still has parts that are more barn than home), which is dark, dank, wet and ohhhh all the spider webs. It can't be called a basement because most of the floor is still dirt!!! I had never seen dirt floor basements before moving to New Hampshire, remember I moved here from NYC... but that is a tale for another day.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, turning on the water... well, I turned on the water, I thought, and get back to the hose and... NO WATER!!! waaa, boo, whooo!!!  I turn around and head back down the not insignificant hill to the nether regions of the house and suddenly horror of all horrors registers in my exhausted brain...Savannah (my new kitty) is standing at the bottom of the porch steps covered in spider webs, YUCK and OH MY GOSH what are you doing OUTSIDE?!!!

My heart was instantly in my throat - 1. Savannah is not an outside kitty - 2. She is new to this house having never been outside of it (except when she came home with me), and 3. Savannah is de-clawed (heavens to Betsy no I did not, it was some previous owner)!!

Okay Beth, stay calm...! Giving my best imitation at nonchalant I begin slowly walking in her direction hoping she won't think it's playtime and bolt! Luckily, she doesn't. As I grab her I simultaneously begin cleaning off the mass of spider webs from her face and whiskers while racking my brain as to how she got out!!!! We head back inside via the front door where I leave my shoes but still hold on to my precious furry little package. We don't yet know the route of escape! Or I should say, I don't yet know the route of escape.  We wander out onto the screened in porch as I continue asking her how she got outside, while doing a quick sweep of all the screen doors.  With sunglasses still on my face everything looks to be okay - as in closed.  Note the operative word, "looked"!!!

As soon as I set Savannah down on the floor, you guessed it,  she makes a beeline for what she knew was the open screen door and yep, she was back outside and heading down the stairs before I could blink!!!

Running down the back stairs in my stocking feet I watched what I was sure was going to be the last I ever saw of her.  She was approaching the old stone wall that abuts the meadow. My emotions are quickly escalating to PANIC level. I desperately continue calling her to come back.  Suddenly, she turns toward me and stops, feigning a particular interest in a rather tall blade of grass.  I knew if I ran toward her she would run as well so I walked as slowly as my racing heart would allow when she suddenly bolted for the basement that isn't a basement!!! YUCK.  Remember I only have on socks, and it rained heavily the night before.

Following Savannah I watch as she starts to disappear up into the bowels of the basement that isn't a basement, and a place too small for me to fit.  My heart sinks like a rock to the bottom of my stomach! My brain simply stops working and the tears begin welling up in my eyes, I just can't think! Panic has overtaken all parts of my body.  I continue calling her with what I am sure was a hopeless sense of desperation in my voice when suddenly, she turns and comes straight to me... perhaps the dark dank place scared her too?!  I picked her up and held her probably a little too tightly as we both ascended the back stairs which, we now know was her route of escape or I should say I now know. I stopped to take off my muddy socks as we both happily return to the safety of the inside of the porch. All doors now secured and doing a tick check on us both I cleaned Ms Savannah up and I had a nice hot shower. We ended the exciting afternoon as we settled into bed together for a nice long nap.

Thanks for popping by for a visit... I do hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Oh my goodness Beth! What a situation!!! I hope that kitty doesn't escape any more! I would have been as worried as you were and was hoping all the way through the tale that it would all end alright. Hope you got to water the plants in the end!! Happy weekend! Thank you so much for joining in! xx
OH my goodness!!!!! That story let me breathless!!! I am so glad you were able to catch her for the second time! And I have seen basements like that did good friend! And your blooming beds look GORGEOUS!!! A job well done! Now I hope you are taking it easy today! Happy Saturday! Nicole xo
Flower Freak said…
Hi Beth,
Thank you for visiting my blog A New England Flowerbed. It's always nice to hear from fellow bloggers, especially New Englanders! I live in W. Bridgewater, MA with The Saver and our Tabby, Idgie. We're about a half hour south of Boston and an hour north of RI.
We seem to have a few loves in common....cats, antiques and gardening to list a few. I have to say the ballet isn't my cup of tea (actually I'm a coffee drinker)but, I love classical music....
You had quite a scare with Savannah. Kitties are adventurous and so lovable!
Looking forward to getting to know you through blogging!
Mrs Tiggywinkle said…
Ooh Beth, I have cats who are members of my family so I completely got this. You write very entertainly, and you made me jealous with your talk of "heat" - it's only 11 degrees Celsius here in Shropshire and there's certainly no need for watering! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. x
Montanagirl said…
Oh my - that was quite a predicament, with a pretty good outcome! Thank you for your visit to my blog and your comment. I shall sign up to follow you as well!!
Dang Animals. What are they thinking! We KNOW they think. Probably thinking they will just remind us when they get out how much we love them. Give us a good scare and they'll give us a hint of what how we would feel without them.

Boscoe can get out of any fence we have put up. He takes Tyson and Junior with him. Now Junie is 12 and its very hard for him to get around...until he's on the loose. Once they went on a journey. We found them one block over and there Junior sat in the back seat of an orange Element just like mine. The lady driving was a dog lover and saw them on the run. When she got out to stop them, she left her door open and Junior got in. Wonder what he thought she got back in and it wasn't me. Tables turned on Junior!!

Have a great day. Wish my gardens looked as good as yours. The day lily are my favorites.
xx, Carol
mamasmercantile said…
I was certainly on the edge of my seat, thank goodness it all ended well. Sounds like some heat we are still feeling a tad chilly around here and didn't need to water the garden it is raining. Thanks for your visit.
Oh my goodness what an awful situation, I was in a panic reading this post! Pets are such a part of your family that to lose one is unthinkable. Savannah sounds like she is full of mischief, but if that is her picture included in your post, she is quite beautiful. I hope you have had a lovely weekend x
linda said…
I'm so pleased that all ended well you had me well and truly gripped with your story. Thank you for visiting my blog and suggesting the boiling water trick for killing weeds I will certainly try it. :)
shirley said…
Even though it gave you much stress, it was a funny story that ended well.

Maybe there is a ghost in the dank dark interier of the basement that isnt a basement that scared poor that has got you thinking hasnt it. lol
I'm glad you got your little cat back in the house safely. I can imagine your fear for such a defenseless cat! I believe the correct term for your basement is "crawlspace". A place no one wants to venture in alone ;)
Rosie said…
Oh, my goodness - I felt for you having chased cats like that myself when we'd moved house and they had got out before I wanted them too. I watch ours all the time as one of them is deaf and I can't call her back. My heart was in my mouth but I'm so glad she came towards you and that now she is a nice clean kitty with no cobwebs in her wiskers:)
Bronwyn said…
Whew! I am glad all is well that ends well. Poor Kitty. Poor kitty mommy, too!
Eliza said…
Now that is one heart stopping story, goodness me I had visions of horror all the way through for ms Savannah, I truly understand your insanity as Yoda is an indoor boy too. Did you get to water the plants in the end?

Thanks for sharing and sorry I am replying so late I'm still catching up on old emails

Hugs Eliza & Yoda