In The Beginning...

I know it doesn't look like I've made much progress except for adding more supplies to the front of the house... but I have actually gotten some things done.  Just as a little refresher... this is what it all looked like several weeks ago before I started the work...Eeek!

I have since mulched the bed where my huge azalea lives

Mulched the right front side of the garage where a very nice patch of my orange day lilies live, 

laid down the newspaper and straw and put together my herb and salad raised bed - thought it was a good idea to keep that close to the front door so I could just pop out to pick the evening salad!!!  I also pruned and fed the roses and the hydrangea but those you can't really see until they begin to bloom. Nonetheless it feels nice to tick off something from my looooooong list!

It has taken me a couple of weeks of ruminating over what the front layout should actually look like and I finally have the plans in my head of what and where... sorry, you all have to wait ...  This weekend DH promised to help and we will have 3 days so a lot should happen in ye olde garden.

First off the remaining hydrangea, my strawberry hydrangea (pic just in case you don't remember what it looks like) :D (er, umm, that is what it will eventually look like) giggle...

along with the remaining two yellow rose bushes will be moved up front.  This year the front garden, the veggie raised beds, which will be off closer to the meadow, and the bed that wraps around from the front to the side of the closed in porch, and re-vamping the front walkway, which is mostly grown over and is seriously sagging,

are the only projects on the list (Ha! the only projects... sheesh that's a lot! The back and side - out from the house ( a large part of the back isn't even in this shot!),

are just so huge they are going to take some serious thought as to low maintenance as well as low cost to install.  I do hope to also put in some espalier fruit trees out by the veggie raised beds  but I digress... my head is just so filled with garden ideas... I wish my wallet was that full, lol!!!

I also dream of later this summer finding two Adirondack chairs for the yard but I digress again... I swear I need blinders on to keep myself focused...  do you have that problem?  Oh well, anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, not having enough money to do all the wonderful gardening things one can do... oh me, oh my, what's a girl to do? ... LOL!

Well, off to do some knitting now... oh dear, I keep saying that and haven't shown you any photos for some time... well, not today either, lol but soon... promise!


Although you have a lot to do, you have got a lot done, so that is great isn't it!!! xx
I love what you have done so far! That is a ton of work and just look at that new raised bed!! It is awesome!! Your home is so charming buddy! I can't wait to watch your garden grow this summer!! Nicole xoxo
your vision is much like my husband's. He often gets going on everything he wants to do by the pond, and then throws in something that is totally not going to happen this year. Our summers seem shorter and shorter. We often are lucky to get 4 months to enjoy the yard. We used to get warm earlier in the spring so it could all be in place by the time the heat hit. Now, we just enjoy whatever we can get done.
KarinsArtScrap said…
your hydrangea looks stunning Beth fab colour.
Gr Karin
Eliza said…
You have done so much and yes sometimes our pockets just aren't deep enough with the dollars but hey you should be proud of what you have done already, it has made a huge difference. You will soon be reaping the rewards of your labor.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda
Mereknits said…
You bet I need blinders, you should have seen me yesterday running round and trying to organize everything at once. Love how the garden is looking.
Quinn said…
So much done! So much to do! It's good to take the time to enjoy the first before carrying on with the second, I think! Here's to our gardening endeavors ;)
Patricia Krank said…
I love your style of home and your ideas are fantastic. It will be fun to follow the adventure in your yard.
Lou Anne Hazel said…
That strawberry hydrangea is gorgeous! Well, it will be. I love your garden and the herb section is going to be in a perfect location. Nicely done!