SOLD, so to speak...

Hi all, well today all of my boxes of paper arts stuff are shipping out in the mail to my new friend in Utah.  I can't wait to get these boxes out of my living room, lol!  I have a few more things to wrap up and ship out to another blogging sister in California but the bulk of stuff will be on its way to new and loving homes,..YAY!!!

Whew I am pooped from all that wrapping... it's amazing how much time it takes to wrap things up for shipping... but it's done!

Now moving on to the garden... got another bed mulched yesterday but boy those black flies.. I made a good meal for the little beasts while I was working.  I couldn't get back in the house fast enough. Now all I need is the bricks for edging this new bed and it will be complete.  One exciting surprise was finding a volunteer lilac bush growing in the corner up against the house on the right there in the photo.  Next year hopefully there will be flowers on it!

In the bed below is my gorgeous azalea bush, a couple of varieties of day lilies I put in 3 years ago, my peony that I rescued from an over grown spot in my ex-neighbors field and in the back just to the right of the azalea is my New Dawn rose bush.  Now that I have mulched hopefully she will get enough sunlight and start growing and climbing.  I hope to have the rose grow up and around that front side of the house.  As with all gardening and Mother Nature... time, time, time...

Here is a close-up of the little lilac bush... I am so excited to see how well it is doing in it's chosen spot.  I just love when Mother Nature takes charge and decides where things are going to grow best! Yes, you can see behind the next bed that needs to be filled in with mulch and some perennial flowers... I call it my rock garden as it is full of  the exposed tips of very large rocks.

Still have a lot more to do, moving the 3 hydrangeas, 3 rose bushes and laying down new gravel for the walk, plus putting in the raised bed(s), oh and one more bed to mulch.  I think for the raised beds I am going to begin with a small 4'x4' bed close to the front door for herbs and salad greens and such. What with all the deer and turkeys we have I am going to put the other larger (8'x4') closer than I would like to the house in the hopes of keeping them safe from munching little deer lips, LOL!

From the view below you can see just how much more work is left in both the front of the house as well as back by the ancient stone wall where another much older lilac bush resides.  It really could use some TLC but I just haven't had the energy to get back there yet.  I think that will have to wait until either fall or next spring.  Back there is where the hydrangeas and roses are that I am moving up front for a better show.  I'm hoping next year to also build a simple platform to put up one of those screened in garden tents and put a nice garden chair and table set so we can partake of the nicer weather without being munched alive by the black flies.

I hope next year to also tend to the old stone wall that runs along the back of our house and up the side by that old lilac bush.  It is starting to get grown over terribly and is in danger of disappearing... I think it will make a gorgeous backdrop for the screened in tent, and our screened in porch.  I will try to get back there and take photos so you all can see exactly what I am talking about.  Well, til later my dear blogging sisters... I'm off to sit and knit and sip my cappuccino on the screened in porch for a bit...

Ta for now


kathyinozarks said…
awesome! about finding new homes for your stash-such a good feeling I am sure. and your gardens are coming along too-we are getting so much rain here that I am having a hard time keeping up.
have a great weekend
Oh Gosh, we have so much to do outside. We have only had a few sunny warm days. It's either warm and raining, or cold and sunny. I hope the summer shapes up because we have an awful lot of landscaping to do!!
xx, Carol
Mereknits said…
Yay for getting so much out of your space and moved onto someone who will love it. You have been so busy!
CatieAn said…
i am way behind in my blog reading and slowly catching up. You have been so busy in your gardens and am sure you are excited as the season moves on.
I love your little volunteer lilac....we have a few volunteer things like that and they seem just perfect where they choose to grow.