Five on Friday

Well, this is becoming a terrible habit of mine, being late for our Five on Friday that is.  I have already profusely apologized to our dear leader Amy at Love Made My Home.  If you have never participated in this meme do pop over to Amy's and see what all the fuss is about!  It's loads of fun and if you don't think you're ready to play you can just visit and comment, that will most certainly get you addicted and you will soon find yourself participating!  Oh and this week I am also participating in Tanya's Willy-Nilly Friday Five

This week is a complete mishmash of all manner of things from gardening, of course, fleece in progress and knitty and crochet projects spilling forth from tote bags all over the house

1. Part of new walkway finished

2. Work still to be done in the feels that it will never end:
You can still see off to the right some of the work that has yet to be done.  I ran out of newspapers to put down as a base before mulching so I'm waiting for DH to go to the recycle center today in hopes of bringing home more.

Below you can get a better view of the huge bed that sweeps around from the front of the house and back along the screened in porch.  There are two hostas in the corner there by the house and the screened in porch... seriously must be rescued soon!  Yes, the day lilies were moved to this space and they are looking a little droopy right now.  I will feed them this weekend and give them a good long drink which hopefully perk them up.

This is a volunteer wild blackberry bush that I am going to clean around and trellis it in the hopes of enticing it to stay and grow some juicy berries.  Yes, those ugly pylons the porch sit on... I am planning on getting some white trellis to put up to cover that ugly view. Sadly it probably won't happen this year though.

I love these wild daisies that pop up all over the garden.  My hopes are that they will stay once I mulch around them.  Wildflowers can be quite finicky when anything around them is disturbed.  Well, it's certainly worth a try.  I have already mulched around some of the wild black-eyed Susan so we will have to wait and see how they react to mulch.

When we first moved to this house 8 years ago someone gave me one of these plants.  I can't remember what it is but I do know it is a vigarous grower and spreader.  That second plant at the front didn't even exist last growing season!

As you can see however, the flowers on this plant are gorgeous and the bees just go crazy for them.  So, if anyone has any idea as to the species of this plant I sure would appreciate knowing so I can figure out if it can be contained or if it will just have to go.  I want an easy to take care of garden but I don't want it to be filled with a single species!  Very unhealthy that would indeed be! Diversity is the key to a happy and lush garden.

One problem already is that this unknown plant has overshadowed my Iris bed.  I will wait for them to bloom and then I'm going to move them up to the front of the garden.  It's time to thin them anyway... so I am telling myself...

Here you can see angling from the side portion of that wrapping around bed where the work stopped... just there at the place where the mulch stops... that is where I will pick things up probably tomorrow (Sunday).

There lies the poor lumber for my raised beds to be.  It has rained each time we planned to put them in but I am told by my neighbor down the road that tomorrow they are indeed going to be put in.  Yippee! And, ugh because then we have to fill them with all the soil that you saw in the very first picture of this post.  I've been working out the layout of what I want to go where while trying to balance the concept of companion planting as well as keeping certain plants away from each other, whew, it is a lot of confusing work in one' first year of putting vegetable beds!  I'm pooped just thinking about it! LOL!  Ahh, the price we pay for being able to enjoy lovely views and scents wafting from one's own garden!!!

3. Too many projects on too many needles, what is my problem? A shawl, a scarf and a small lingere bag full of lovely washed Cheviot fleece waiting to be combed and made ready to spin!

Shamefully, there is more... this is just one of 4 filled to the brim bags of knitting and crocheting projects in progress!  Notice I have completely skirted the subject of weaving projects? LOL!

4. Combing out some lovely soft Cheviot fleece for some spinning 
on my electric spinner later in the week.  I haven't yet used my new e-spinner so it should be interesting getting used to spinning under power, other than my own that is :D

5. Rouge Iris
I leave you lastly with this beautiful rogue Iris that has already taken steps into her own hands and moved neighborhood further up the garden upwind from the giant, "What am I plant."
Don't you just love Mother Nature?! :D

Thanks again for tolerating my tardiness in Amy's Five on Friday 
participation and for popping by for a visit.


Mascha said…
It looks like many work... nice flowers and: I don't know, what's this plant. But I am glad you will not tear but replant it.
I think, the daisies will overlive.
Thanks for your visit and lovely comment, finally I've found your blog and will visit it again.
Greetings from Germany
Mereknits said…
Of course you are tardy look how busy you have been. Can I have that yarn please?
Your garden is looking wonderful!!! So much going on. The path is really great and will make a big difference. You certainly have a lot of crafting projects going on don't you, but that is nice for when you want a change I think. I have four things on the go right now so I am no better. Now, as for this apologising business! Please do not apologise, there is nothing to say sorry for!!! The link is open until 7pm on Saturday our time - which should be about midnight on Saturday for you and it is open that long for a good reason, so that people can join in on Saturday if they don't get there on Friday!!! So, please keep coming and joining in, but please stop apologising!!!! Thank you so much for joining in - whenever that is! I hope that you have a great rest of your weekend. xx
Mrs Tiggywinkle said…
IS it a comfrey? I don't know if they grow in your neck of the woods but it does look like one. x
Latane Barton said…
Thank you for that lovely comment on my Willy Nilly 5. You are a real delight and I loved coming over to visit with you. Will do so again really soon. Have a great weekend.
Goodness you have so much on the go! Your path looks like it's going to be lovely, I love the colour of the stone. Your garden is also looking so lush, I love to see wild daisies too. Hope you are having a lovely weekend x
Hi Beth
If you find out what that bush with the purple flowers is let me know. I'd look for one to add to my landscape. I like the checkerboard walk. I'm saving newspapers and hope the summer won't get too far along before I can put mulch in. You've been busy!!
xx, Carol
KarinsArtScrap said…
great pictures and it looks beautifully Beth
Gr Karin
Ida said…
You've done a lot there and have some lovely flowers. I liked the pretty yellow azalea and the Iris.

I'm late with commenting due to company & the weekend. Here is my link:
pattisjarrett said…
Pretty iris there at the end. Not sure about the earlier one.
Tanya Breese said…
hi beth, nice to meet you! i am so glad you joined in! i love your walkway and you have such a pretty garden!! hope you are having a terrific week!!