Five on Friday

WARNING: long post heavy with photos

Well, can you believe it?  I am actually getting my post up for Amy's Five on Friday meme, on Friday! :D  Okay, it isn't the beginning of the day but afternoon isn't so bad.  Is it?  (Don't know about Five on Friday?  Pop over to Amy's blog "Love made my home" to find out all about it)

This week my five is all about fibery sheepy goodness and some of the accouterments that accompany such fibery interests.  Some of you may be aware that I was involved in a huge barter with someone out in Utah... all of my paper arts tools and supplies for her spinning wheel and fiber. A couple of days ago my package arrived and I have been busy sprucing up Miss Lucy, that's my new to me spinning wheel's name.  Yes, of course I name my looms and my spinning wheels! Don't you?

My five this week are:
1. my bartered for spinning wheel
2. my bartered for fibery goodness
3. a few more projects in various stages of completion... I know, I am truly hopeless!
4. my new tapestry loom
5. fiber studio unveiling after latest clear out of everything almost everything not related to spinning, weaving, knitting and crocheting

No. 1
This is my new to me Louet s15 single treadle spinning wheel after being sanded over her rough spots, given a lavish bath with wood soap, stained in a dark oak finish and finally sparkled up with a nice wax coating.  
Her name is Miss Lucy and I just love her simplicity!

No. 2
Several bags of wonderful fiber that I have been busy combing this week

Some sinfully soft angora bunny fur that still needs to be combed.  I will most likely blend this in with other fiber to spin with

This is some luxurious mohair that I am still combing out.  It will most likely be blended with another fiber as well

No. 3
Here we have one of my projects that was started last summer, I know, I know... It is a pattern for a shawl from Sandra over at Cherry Heart and is really adorable.  You should check it out, it is super cute and very easy if you know how to crochet. Plus it is joined as you go so no crazy making connecting everything once all the stars are made!

This is a take on the African Flower pattern but using a unique color scheme.  Somehow I managed to have the exact colors in my stash!  How often does that happen? LOL!  And no, this one is in a stage of even less completion than the prior one... I told you I am hopeless.  It's like being a butterfly in a field full of all your favorite flowers!

No. 4
Bullfrog, my new tapestry loom (more about her later)

No. 5 of this week's Five on Friday

Now for a viewing of my new studio all decked out for weaving and spinning but first for those of you who might not have ever seen photos of my studio prior to this most recent revamping - a couple of "before" photos....

Photo 1 Before...oh and that is not Savannah but rather 
my beloved Raphael who parted from this life on February 13, 2015

Photo 2 Before

Photo 3 Before

Now for the After photos. (The studio really isn't quite finished yet.  I plan on making skirts to go around both desk tops as well as a draped curtain for the closet that I removed the doors from as well as valances for the windows.  I just haven't made up my mind on the fabrics I want to use yet)

After photo 1 (yes, that is Savannah)

After photo 2

This is the view as you walk into the studio. The print on the left of the lighthouse being hit with that huge wave is the first present my husband ever gave me!  The print on the wall straight back is not yet in a frame... it is so big that I know it's going to cost a small fortune so for now it is just tacked (no the tacks are NOT going through the paper of the print) along all of the edges.  It is a lady sitting on her couch in her Paris apartment with her little black kitty at her feet with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  I have wanted this print for more years than I can remember and finally I said to heck with it I'm getting it now even if I don't have the money for the frame...  it's called "La Vie en Rose" by Didier Lourenco.

After photo 3

This is my desk on the opposite wall or the one on the right as you enter the studio.  All of my beads, knitting needles, ball winder, skein winder and quilting cutting and pressing boards live over here

After photo 4

My quilting ruler collection, ironing board live over in this corner. The cabinet contains all of my
spool yarns, and that long cabinet with the sheepskin over it is an antique bookcase that lost its shelves many moons ago so I turned it on its side and voile bookcase and seat for working on a tapestry.  At the end on the right you can see my e-spinning wheel that I am still working on becoming friends with.  Underneath the table's edge you can just make out my 16" Ashford rigid heddle loom, named her Ophelia.


After photo 5

This is my new tapestry loom from Lost Pond Looms.  It is the Bullfrog edition and is 24" wide with the capability of going from 24" to 38" tall.  I still have to stain and wax her and I haven't given her another name since she came with her own, Bullfrog.  I'm really itching to work with a tapestry loom but I have some technical stuff to understand before I get started, like how to warp the loom for starters! LOL!

After photo 6

On this end of the desk you can see all of my knitting needles, crochet hooks, ball winder and swift and to the left back is the closet with no doors.  That is my Brother sewing machine sitting on top of the cube storage unit in the closet.  Below the desk on the left you can see the case of one of my antique Singer hand crank sewing machines.  I have two more around the room but I don't think any of the other photos show them.  It is amazing that things over 100 years old still work perfectly, actually in some ways I love the way they sew far better than the new machines that are out there today.  Okay, maybe except for a long-arm machine, which in no uncertain circumstance can I afford... way off the radar screen for me! LOL!

After photo 7

Here is my lovely Rebecca, my Ashford 32" rigid heddle loom.  I know, I seem to have quite a few looms; some of them are not even in my studio yet! Eeek! (P.S. that seat with the white sheepskin on it is one of Savannah's favorite napping places, after her basket on my desk that is)! Oh, and that basket to the left of the seat is a crocheted rug I have been working on.  I ran out of fabric and haven't gotten back to it since I purchased more fabric... another "to-do list item"

After photo 8

Here is my rectangle loom, Laura.  Currently, she has the beginnings of a silk shawl being woven from silk sari fabric purchased on Ebay that I am tearing into strips.  Much less expensive to purchase vintage sari from India than to purchase those bundles of sari silk strips you see everywhere these days, plus the silk is in much better condition.  Some of those pre-torn strip bundles have silk that is in poor condition and lacks the strength to be woven with.  Found this one out the hard way.  Some of those purple strips came from such bundles and shredded and tore as soon as pressure was put on them.  I have quite a few repairs that are going to have to be made to this shawl.  Luckily this is an experiment shawl so flaws are more or less acceptable.

After photo 9

And we have come full circle.  Ironically, this desk was intended to be my small loom desk where I worked on cuff bracelets (you can just barely see my cuff bracelet loom through the bottom left hand corner of my rectangle loom there on the end of my desk) and on scarves and such on my Ashford 16" loom.  Some how it has become my computer desk and Savannah's napping desk - as you might recall from the first "After" photo, her basket is right behind my laptop.

Hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my new studio and thanks for popping by for this week's installment of Five on Friday.


Gosh Beth you have a lot going on in your studio don't you!!! All kinds of yarny goodnesses!!! I hope that you have fun with all of your new yarn things and enjoy what you make. I do especially like your crochet! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx
Mereknits said…
Your studio is looking fantastic, so organized! Love your new toys, you are going to have so much fun.
Pam said…
Like all your looms and spinning wheel. The shawl your making is pretty too, now that I could do!! :)
Lilly's Mom said…
I love your spinning wheel. I'm sure you will have many enjoyable hours spinning your beautiful fiber. You really have a lovely studio to create all these items. Have a wonderful weekend.
mamasmercantile said…
Wow, now that is a very impressive studio. There were so many great things to look at, a great delight, stunning.
Marie C said…
I am so jealous of your spinning and weaving! I have always wanted to learn! Great loom! Beautiful studio!
wow you have been busy. You are going to have some serious fun with the spinning wheel I can tell!
Crimson Kettle said…
You are really busy with all your crafts, I don't know how you manage to do it all. Have a good week. :-)
Christine said…
Hello Beth! So glad to 'meet' you through Amy's link up on Friday!
My but its all so impressive! You have a fantastic working studio and congrats on being so organised!
I do love your crochet work and hope to find time to try it again soon!
Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!
Rosie said…
What a wonderful studio you have you must feel very creative in there. I love the soft look of the angora fibres and your lovely cat Savannah look a little like one of our cats:)
KarinsArtScrap said…
it all looks so great and gorgeous Beth.
Gr Karin
Montanagirl said…
Oh my, You've been busy, are busy, and will be busy for a long while! LOL! Happy yarning and spinning!
Beth! You are rocking it my friend! On every front! Your studio looks amazing! I can see all of your important pieces being featured and it looks like such a great space to create! Wishing you many a great days in there making your beautiful projects you! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xoxo
Wow!! You have been busy. You certainly did clean a lot out. It's so much better to focus on doing what you love. I'm so glad you barter finally worked out.
xx, Carol
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