Five on Friday

Hi all!  I hope you have had an enjoyable week with at least some patches of nice weather?!  It jumps from cool and rainy to warm and humid here and right now I actually have on the air conditioner because the humidity is so miserable, YUCK.

Anyway, this week for Amy's Five on Friday will again be filled with garden adventures such as they are.  I promise I will get more diverse so you all don't get bored to death with flowers, mulch and stone pathways! :D

I seriously need to get back out in the garden to finish the mulching and laying down the path stones. I also need to stake up the plant that I said I didn't know what it was, the one with the pretty purple flowers (one of my lovely readers solved the mystery - the plants are comfrey!)  It grows so tall that it has a tendency to flop over so that is on my "to-do" list for this weekend. However, I am digressing... for this week my five are:

1. Roses are beginning to bud and ready themselves for a season of blooming. Just fed them for this month so they should be happy and ready to burst forth.
2. Front walkway is finished - almost!
3. Sebastian is settling in to his new home seemingly quite nicely, except for the meowing to go outside, which is a BIG NO!!!
4. Spinning wheel is awaiting a new drive band and I am dreaming of a high speed flyer and bobbins for my lace weight spinning
5. Okay, and a nod to summer just wouldn't be the same without the help of Susan Branch

No. 1

just look at all of those buds!  At the beginning of spring I was almost sure that this past winter had claimed this intoxicating scented yellow rose.  I am over joyed to see one entire side of the rose has made it and giving forth all these buds!

first cabbage roe of the season.  I do hope this little low growing rose does some spreading this season as well as give it's glorious show of flowers all summer long!  If you have never had a cabbage rose you might want to investigate them for your garden.  Low growing spreader with gorgeous flowers ALL summer and heavenly scents

This is my New Dawn rose which for a while I thought was not going to make it.  As you can see this year, year 3, it is finally making a go of it.  Now to decide how I want it to climb.

No. 2

I finally added the pathway stones to the front walkway but I'm not liking the way the blend in with the side walkway.  I may add granite bricks along the perimeter on either side of those smaller pathway stones just so it is defined a little more.

Just another angle of the side pathway and the front door walkway.  You can see what I mean I think that they blend a little too much together.  Those larger path stones with the pattern will have potted plants on the 1st and the last one leaving the middle one open so you can clearly walk from the side to the front door without having to skirt a plant.

No. 2.5

Mulching that remains to do in the porch side garden bed.  The small skinny arrows on the left denote where I stopped mulching and the fat arrows demarcate the outer edge of the bed... all the way from that outer border to the edge of the porch is what's left to mulch.  Hmmm, with only 3 bags of mulch left I think another trip to Home Depot is going to be in order!!! 

No. 3

Sebastian being woken from a nap in the infamous basket that sits right behind my laptop and right by a nice bright window in my studio.  As you can see he has that totally sleepy "what's going on" look on his face... p.s.  I used my flash to make matters worse!  He is such a little trooper!

No. 4

My dreams of getting a Louet high speed flyer and several high speed bobbins for my Irish tension Louet s15 so I can more easily attain the lace weight yarn my fingers seem to naturally spin

No. 5


You are keeping going so well in the garden! It is going to be amazing. Little and often and you make a big difference!! Your roses are so very pretty aren't they! It is great that Sebastian is settling in so well, I am sure that once he works out where and how everything is he will be happy - I do so hope so! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend - and enjoy the garden! xx
Marie C said…
Gorgeous roses! I really love the walkway! And what a sweet cat. Really nice Five on Friday!
kathyinozarks said…
I love Susan Branch, I have one of her cookbooks from years and years ago
Helen said…
Wow I'm in awe of your roses! They are one of my favourite summer flowers, mine always seem to be unhealthy though, I'm not sure if it's the soil but there are black marks on their petals. Sebastian looks just like our cats, they're both black as well, people keep telling me they're good luck so I hope that starts to kick in soon! I hope you have a nice weekend and lots of gardening, it looks like a very peaceful place! xx
The yellow rose is going to be spectacular. I like the look of your path, it has a nice country look. Enjoy your weekend.
Gwen Simmons said…
Nice job in the garden. You are making great progress. So pretty! The new kitty, Sebastian, is a beauty. (You can tell him I said Handsome) Have a great weekend!
Mereknits said…
You have been so busy!!!! Your new little one looks right at home, glad he is feeling better.
Mrs Tiggywinkle said…
Keep up the good work, Beth. And that photo of the cabbage rose is stunning! x
J9sHappiness said…
Oooh I love the pictures of your flowers! Just gorgeous! J9 x
I love those blocks and mulch!! We are digging out patio blocks to change the path to the pond. I'm going to use you idea!
xx, Carol
What an interesting and beautiful blog!
Have a nice weekend and see you soon!