Raised Beds - A Little More Mulching - Some Clearing Out - and CHICKENS?

Hi Everyone!!! Today was a busy day in the garden with lovely breezes, temperatures in the low 70's and some solid progress. The raised beds were put together and laid down in their permanent places. A lot of weed whacking, accompanied by some accidents, darn weed whacker! LOL! More mulching of course... will mulching ever be done?!!! I estimate that in addition to the original 28 bags of wood chips we are still going to need another 20 bags to just finish the front and one side of the house alongside the porch. So, I will stop yapping away and let you take a self guided tour through the progress:

Just for a refresher and comparison, this is how the garden looked in the early part of this May!

Most of the weeds have now been weed whacked and the space is just awaiting layers of newspaper and then a good layer of wood chip mulch.  Yes I admit the weed whacker took control a couple of times and alas the wild blackberry bush is no more nor are some to the black-eyed Susan, *sigh*

Now that's better, you can actually see the two hosta that were buried up to their tips in weeds before today's clear out by ye olde little gardener, Me of course silly! :D

Our four new raised beds!  Aren't they beautious?!  They are 8' x 3' and 8" high.  Now to just put a nice layer of straw followed by top soil, followed by garden soil mixed with a good helping of peat moss and all should be happy as little oysters in the sea! LOL!  Oh dear me yes, first I have to plant everything before they can indeed be happy as little oysters in the sea!  What was I thinking?!!!

Another view of the mulching thus far.  I know it doesn't look like much but I got another 2' or so mulched today as you head down the hill toward the porch at the side.

Of course what on earth would I do without my little supervisor, Savannah?  Very important gardening wisdom comes from the observations of kitties on window sills!

A little over-view photo

And last but not least is the view from the walkway just outside our front door

I hope you've enjoyed the little tour.  Things are really getting exciting now because next  the raised beds will get their plantings!  I can't wait to get the little 4'x4' herb and salad garden planted too.  I am thinking about getting one more 4'x4' bed to go in the general area of the herb bed to put in a medicinal garden as well.  Has anyone ever planted their own indigo plants?  I ordered some seed and am very excited about the prospect of having my own indigo source for my wool.  I guess for the future I will add another bed for dye plants.  Has anyone ever worked with plants from their own garden to dye their fiber?

I have been thinking about my chickens again and I have found a great little chicken coop that is affordable so I think I am going to go ahead and invest in it this year even if I don't have the time to actually get the chickens until next spring.  What do you all think of this one? 

Oh and no I will most certainly NOT be having any roosters!  Of course for this coop I will have to add on an additional length of run because the space shown just isn't enough, in my humble illiterate in chicken knowledge opinion! :D


Wow, you really have done masses!!!! You are going at great speed now, so much happening. How wonderful! I look forward to seeing more as you keep doing more! xx
kathyinozarks said…
Hi there-your gardens are coming along nicely-you will enjoy the raised beds I have two of them up by the house that I use for spring greens and then switch over to bush beans and then fall greens. Loving that chicken coop-very cool!
hugs Kathy
Flower Freak said…
Howdy Neighbor! LOL It looks like New Hampshire is ready for planting! That's wonderful. I love what you're doing to your front walkway! And, you have so much space to put raised beds! Go for the dye plants. How cool will it be to dye your wool from plants you grew.
That hen house is fantastic. It looks beautiful and is practical but you're right....the ladies need to move around more than that pen allows. My dad always had poultry....mostly chickens and The Saver and I raised them when we were younger with advice from him.....we always had a very large pen so they could move around and peck at the earth.....
Look at you go my friend!!!! AHHHH!! Love those raised beds! Your house is such a dream!!! I love it and your sweet garden is so charming with that path you created there! You get so much sun!!! I can not wait to watch everything you plant and I so think you should get chickens! Keep us posted Beth and a job well done my friend!!! Nicole xoxo
Hi Elizabeth, With such a great supervisor, it's no wonder your yard is coming along so beautifully :).
We did have chickens for some time. While it's really nice to have the fresh eggs, the chickens make quite a bit of dirt and very good cleaning is important to prevent diseases. But even if you keep the chicken coop clean, the chickens can catch illnesses. Then they need special treatments, might need to be separated etc. I know that there are a lot of people who enjoy having chickens. For me personally, it wasn't rewarding enough. I rather spend my time creating something, playing with the cats or doing other things. We do have the possibilty though to buy free range eggs in the neighborhood and I'm glad I know where our eggs come from.
Wow!! You are REALLY making progress!! That hen house is pretty cool. Terry always threatens to get chickens. I can just see chickens in my back yard with the dogs...utter chaos. And the chicken poop! Nope, no chickens for me. That is where the city girl draws the line.

We always laugh because my niece lived one block over from us and raised chickens. Her house what Hawk Heaven. I used to thank her for keeping the hawks away from my feeders, lol.

Heavy rains here so I guess I'll have to clean inside today.
xx, Carol
KarinsArtScrap said…
it looks great Beth and fab pictures,
Gr Karin
Boy, you've been hard at work there Beth! The gardens look great, and I love your raised beds. I agree that the chickens might need a longer run, but the coop is awfully cute!
Bronwyn said…
Your garden area is vastly improved. I can see you have put in a ton of work on it! Id love to have chickens too, but hubby just won't go for it. Maybe once we retire and move to a less urban area.
Quinn said…
You're going strong there! By the way, I sent you an email - Q
Montanagirl said…
My, you HAVE been busy!! What a wonderful place, and I LOVE that little chicken house - very charming.
Mrs Tiggywinkle said…
You have been working hard, well done. I am really enjoying watching your progress. Thank you for sharing it. xx
Hi Elizabeth, I had a post in my blogroll today called "Backyard Chickens 101" and I thought of you. There's lots of info. Maybe you like to check it out: