To The Vet and Back

Meeting Dudley Sebastian (name change because for some unknown mysterious reason I kept calling him Sebastian!  Even more strange, he appears to either like the name or it was his name prior to coming to us!!!)  Your guess is as good as mine but either way, from here on out he shall be known as Sebastian!!!

It has been a rather stressful 48+ hours.  On Sunday the decision was made that Savannah had to go back to the shelter because we just couldn't control her aggressive behavior.  So, almost 4 months to the day I drove with a friend to return Savannah.  I felt horrible!!!  Although I had made some progress with Savannah DH had not.  Random severe attacks on his arms and legs led to the final decision.  She had to go...

At the shelter I surrendered Savannah at the reception desk.  Having made arrangements the day before that I would be looking for another kitty the fee was generously waived for the new to be kitty.

I had one kitty in mind but I looked around a little bit at the behest of my girlfriend, after first of course meeting my first choice, at which point I instantly knew this was going to be the one.

Ken has since been renamed Dudley Sebastian after Cary Grant's character of the angel named Dudley in the film "The Bishop's Wife."  Dudley Sebastian is a strapping 5 year old boy with sleek black fur aside from the 10 little white hairs on his chest and weighs a hefty 11.6 lbs... ALL muscle! Prior to our meeting he had a mishap with his tail, which was broken about 1/3rd away from the tip, and was never taken care of so he has a kink in his tail.  The kink just gives him even more character for this little boy is a complete love bug through and through.

Kitty face proving initially elusive...

Still elusive as we check out some of Mom's yarn...

Ahh, finally!  Look at that sweet face!  
Dudley's Sebastian's first portrait!

Ah but the excitement has yet to begin.  At approximately the 24 hour mark of being Dudley's Sebastian's new Mom suddenly discovers that the kitty litter is not to his liking and he seems to not have used his box yet!  I rush out to the closest store about 10 minutes down the road and grab a bag of clay kitty litter and charge back home.  His litter box is actually a circle but that's for another time.  Anyway, his litter box that is a circle is kept in our spare bathroom just outside my studio.  

Dudley Sebastian actually stood on top of the toilet seat and watched me open and pour the new litter on top of the other "strange" litter.  No sooner than I moved the bag out of the way he jumped into the box that is a circle... and... nothing.  He couldn't go!  

Phone call and trip to vet immediately following discovery and about an hour later I return home... with no kitty.  It seems Dudley Sebastian had a blockage and was expected to have to stay at the vets for a day or possibly two!  Anesthesia and catheters were involved and it wasn't sounding like a warm fuzzy experience for either of us but of course more so for him.  Here Dudley Sebastian barely knew what his new Mom looked like and he was already in hospital!!!

Today (Tuesday) around 2:30, just about 24 hours since the incidence the vet gave a cautious all clear for him to come home with an antibiotic, a muscle relaxer and a pricey bill of $400.00.  Oh joy, my new to me kitty is now going to experience his new Mom giving him medicines that taste like who knows what but we can bet not to his liking. *sigh*  

Calling DH that he HAS to leave work NOW and go pick up our new kitty I skirt the small detail of the bill.  Luckily my vet felt bad as well and set up a payment plan so at least I didn't have to also deal with an irate DH!!!  Finally, about 3:30 DH and Dudley Sebastian arrived back home and Dudley Sebastian had to start all over again scouting out his new home.  He sniffed everything, of course after first making a cursory stop in the litter box that is a circle.  So far so good but constant checks of the litter box that is a circle is an ongoing new "to do" of mine. (n.b. DH was having a crumby day at work so leaving earlier than expected was not an irritation, lol!)

P.S. Dudley Sebastian took his medicine like a champ with not a smidgen of fighting although he did gag a little with the first medicine.  I suspect it is the worst tasting of the two medicines.  At least he only takes that one once every 24 hours and only for 5 days.  The antibiotic is once every 12 hours for 9 days!  It is also pink, which doesn't look very dignified when some gets 
squirted down the side of the face of a black kitty... be continued


Oh Elizabeth, I'm so sorry. It must have been difficult to take Savannah back to the shelter but you had tried hard to deal with her agressions. Poor Dudley. Hopefully he'll be fine soon and will adjust well. The vet's bill is just crazy.
Please give sweet Dudley some belly-rubs from me and have fun with your new family member.
Dawn McHugh said…
Oh dear not a great start fingers crossed that Dudley has no more upsets and settles into his new home :-)
Oh Beth! I am so sorry that things didn't work with Savannah, it is so sad that an animal has obviously been so badly treated that they would behave in this way. I hope that she can get the care that she needs to rehabilitate her. I hope too that things work out well with Dudley and that once he gets over his illness he will settle in well! xx
So glad you were watching out for him. I wonder how long it would have took someone to notice is issue at the shelter. Kitty is now embedded in your hearts and you in his. In my experience, pet friends form a special bond with those that care for them when they are in distress. AND rescue them from Kitty/Doggy jail.
xx, Carol
KarinsArtScrap said…
what a beautiful cat Beth sorry you have put the other away but if it not work than you better bring this cat away.

Gr Karin
kathyinozarks said…
wow what an experience for all of you. that happened to us with a dog once-we tried really hard for about a month but in the end had to take him back, I felt sorry for him cause he knew he was going back-but the dog was too aggressive to our Nikita at the time. hope everything works out well-hugs
Mereknits said…
He is gorgeous and a lucky little boy to have you as his Mom.