Five on Friday

Hi everyone!  Sorry I missed posting last week in our little Five on Friday meme.  This week has been filled with plain old summery activities.  Reading, weaving, napping, napping and more napping.  I'm afraid very little gardening and I really need to get out there and finish up my projects for this year before I turn around and it's "gasp" winter again!

Anyway, I'm here and ready to go for this week's Five on Friday.  If you are not familiar with this little group please pop over to it's fabulous creator, Amy at Love Made My Home and check out all the fun.  It really doesn't take a lot of effort to participate, unless of course you want it to !  It's a fabulous group of people who will keep you thoroughly entertained with lots and lots of eye candy!

So here goes for my week:
This week has been filled with classes on learning to weave tapestry and a lot of summery light reading.  A little house organization, dead heading the rose bushes and still trying to figure out what to do with the remaining front portion of the garden that I have been working on since late May.

First for this week is my beginning work on my first tapestry weaving... I found a class on Creative Bug for some beginning techniques and from that I have been able to stop talking so much about weaving as actually doing it!  No one is more surprised than me, lol!  I do seem to lean heavily on dreaming and organizing rather than doing.  Perhaps it has something to do with all the years I had no time or money to do the things I wanted and got stuck in a habit of dreaming of the future.  Now as I have crossed one of those BIG age boundaries  I realize each and every day is precious and that one should try to accomplish something of note, even if just to one's self.

Second I wanted to share a resource I ran across on Pinterest... yes, yes, I know I am totally addicted to the place!  So much to see and dream about doing and so little time! :D  Anyway, I don't know if you all have heard of Book Bub or not but it is a great little resource for discounted books on Kindle, Nook and more. Of course one needs to have a Kindle, Nook or more but I am taking the leap in thinking that many do have one of such devices. So, Book Bub offers a range of temporarily FREE books or nicely discounted books for a certain period of time.  To sign up is free and then you will get an email every day to tell you of new offers. You can also go straight to their website and peruse their categories.  Keep in mind that there are lots of books and many in the category of what I call trashy girly novels but there are some gems in there as well for those willing to spend a little time looking.  I've lost track of how many new summer books I have downloaded already, most were free.

Third, a new project on my crochet hook, well sort of.  I wanted of all things, to start a new crochet throw... like I don't already have enough WIP's but can't let that stop me, lol!  Anywho, I started this said project a couple of days ago but the pattern kept making me make mistakes... one does need to keep the blame where it belongs after all :D! Okay, yes I cropped out where the huge mistake is and the square still has two more framing rows to go but you get the idea from the photo.  Unfortunately the pattern was in I believe Polish but there is a diagram.  If you are interested in this pattern I do have a link to it in my Pinterest category "Crochet" So, I put the project down and started my first weaving (see no.1 above) :D

Fourth, a little peek to see what is blooming in my garden at the moment.

Fifth, eeek, what is my fifth thing...?  Okay, just for the fun of it, I just ordered a large bump of prepared wool top 8 pounds to be exact!  Those of you who are spinners will know what I'm talking about... for others I will show the photo and then explain... Oh and I just received my newest support spindle.  She spins like crazy and has quickly become my current favorite in my spindle collection (Shhhhh, don't let the other spindles hear...!)

 For those of you non-spinners, prepared wool top is wool that has been washed, combed and put into long thin strips for spinning.  You can see the thickness of the strips that are wrapped in this large bundle.  You pull off a piece as long as you are comfortable holding while spinning and slowly feed it onto your spinning wheel.  I found this great shop called Wool Dryer Balls on Etsy where the fiber is good quality and coming direct from a mill the price is really affordable to purchase larger amounts of fiber.  It's great because all the really hard work has been done for you.  All you have to do is dye it, or not, and spin it into yarn, ply it and knit, crochet or weave or skip all of those steps and felt to your hearts content.

My newest support spindle from the Etsy shop called Silly Salmon Designs. I just love her spindles!

Well all, thanks for popping by and enjoy the upcoming weekend!


Montanagirl said…
My, you "are" a busy girl - love your beautiful blooms!!
Lilly's Mom said…
You do have lots of fun things to keep you busy! Your garden is so pretty with all the lovely flowers. And, I would love to learn how to weave. Your new crochet project looks fun, too. Have a great weekend!
I really wish I could grasp Pinterest but I just can't get on with it. Your garden is looking beautiful . Have a lovely weekend xxx
Pam said…
Fun projects your working on Beth, and the flowers look all so pretty!
Great things as always Beth!!! Your garden looks fabulous, I love the black eyed susans (yellow with black centres?). What are you going to put in the other raised beds? You will have so many great things growing!!! Oh gosh, your tapestry weaving!!! It is wonderful, so neat and even, you are doing so well with it!!! you certainly seem to have a lot of WIP's on the go! It is hard when there are so many things to try isn't it! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx
linda said…
You are so busy wow I love the tapestry it's something I would love to try, I feel quite guilty about telling you about all the Cal/Kals will you have time to fit any in? you sound just like me I love all the organising and dreaming too but sometimes I never get started. I have joined Booknub a girl can never have too many book. Your garden is looking lovely, have a great weekend. :)
I'm going to go look at the Friday Five group. You always seem to have lots to post about you busy little bee you!! I can crochet any written pattern you give me, but have an issue following a diagram. Just got a book on how read them so maybe this winter I'll give that a try, lol.
Have a great weekend.
xx, Carol
Marie C said…
Sigh...I mean, serious SIGH! I love your weaving project, your new spindle, and have to tell you I wish I could learn to weave. I have always wanted to! This is wonderful! I love that you are doing it...and your work looks awesome!I have to set a goal and just do it, I know! Your garden is lovely also. sigh
mamasmercantile said…
The weaving project looks a real delight, something I would definitely like to give a try.
Chickpea said…
Lovely five! I would love to learn to weave and spin, but like you I have lots of WIP's on the go
Chickpea said…
Lovely five! I would love to learn to weave and spin, but like you I have lots of WIP's on the go