Musing on six decades

This new journey of mine into my sixth decade continues to surprise me.  In my earlier years I was a bit of a book snob.  I wouldn't read anything fiction rather it had to be mostly science or sometimes science fiction where at least the familiar linearity of scientific thought threaded its way through the words comprising the story.  Times change of course and now scientific thought is anything but linear with the tree of evolutionary outline all the way over to chaos and the order buried within the tornado of instability we view in life.

In my defense I was once what is coined, a professional student.  I was late to college at the ripe old age of 23.  However, once I began it became a voracious devouring of knowledge sweeping me along on the ribbon of a quest to learn just for the sake of the possibility of understanding perhaps just a thimble full of what comprises life.  Our life, others lives, our being, our dyeing, our existence, our thoughts, our desires.  That journey lasted until 2005 when I finished my last Master's degree and surrendered the reins of the academic quest to those much younger than I!

However, I have digressed.  In this new to me sixth decade of my life I am seeing so many changes in personality and interests so unique to my attention that sometimes I must look in the mirror to make sure the same-ish face is looking back at me.  It is of course.

I am thoroughly, perhaps for the first time in my life since my early college days when I was immersed in human evolutionary studies - finding a joy in the things I am undertaking.  Tapestry weaving, spinning fiber from the wonderfully soft and possibly the best renewable resource on the planet today...fiber from sheep, goats, llama, alpaca and even the exotic breeds such as quiviot! And this brings me to the subject of reading.

For the longest time I have not been much of a reader.  Once I finally closed the chapter on perpetual higher education I was left with a void.  No longer did the same subjects interest me.  No one of course was more surprised than myself.  This summer is marking new interests across the board and reading has not escaped that transition.  I am finding joy in light summer reading!  Novels, fiction, even some steamy girly novels have snuck in under the radar with no complaints from me!  Who knew? Perhaps this is simply me  weaving a new tapestry of life ?!

Okay, enough babbling on.  How about some of the plants I just ordered for next spring and summer's garden.  As these arrive this fall for planting so they are ready to bloom next spring/summer I thought you might enjoy seeing some pretty pictures of garden dreams to come...

Alpine rosy bells for the rocky part of the garden

Green Cheeked Silver Bells, also for the rocky part of the garden

A nice mixed bag of hostas for the shady part of the front garden

A flowering dogwood tree that will go in the front also probably right in front of the shade bed

And a lovely peachy pink Asiatic Lily... don't you just love that color?!

Okay, and just a few more that I couldn't resist that were on sale for fall shipping...

Blue Melody Camassia
I really liked the foliage as well suspecting it would keep a nice show of some greenery
long after the pretty purple blooms fade.  What do you think?

Festiva Maxima Peony
  I just love Peonies so the garden is going to feature several.  I must remember however, they don't like being planted too deep lest they don't flower!  That same can be said for hydrangea.  My blue hydrangea have not bloomed for two years now.  Well, in defense of this year it was moved so that I am sure stunted it's flowering.  Have to wait until next spring/summer to see if I got it right this time!

Sorbet Peony
I seem to be on a pink thing for next spring don't I.  Well, this will go well with my strawberry/vanilla hydrangea that by the way is coming back. I thought for sure it was a goner after we moved it this spring but it's being a little trooper and it has in the last few weeks put forth quite a bit of new foliage!  Hopeful for next spring/summer !

Top Brass Peony
This peony I can't wait to see.  The contrast of the beautiful yellow center against the white background should be spectacular!  Okay, that's it for now.  Next spring will come the white picket fencing and the arbor, perhaps two arbors... we'll have to wait and see!  Of course too the raised beds will be planted full of veggies and fruits.  Hopefully, enough to put up some in my canning cupboard for the winter blahs! :D


Excellent choices for next year's garden. Lilies are filling the empty spaces in our pond area. I just love them.

I don't read much, and I don't think my taste in novels has changed much over the years. I can definitely say "girly" books are out for me. I'm looking forward to Go Set A Watchman which should be released this week. What I find about this decade we share is that I am getting kind of selfish in doing more of what Terry and I want and not always thinking of someone else first. That has been pretty liberating.
xx, Carol
Dawn McHugh said…
I never realised you were a spinner weaver, I have only just got into spinning and now working on my fourth skein, I am avoiding weaving as I really cannot take up another hobby :-)
KarinsArtScrap said…
your flowers and plants are looking great and gorgeous Beth
Gr Karin
Flower Freak said…
Hi Beth,
I chuckled a bit as I read your post. I'm in my 70th decade on this green orb and I find that, the older I get, the more mellow I become. I like who I am now way better than I have in my life. It sounds like you may be becoming more comfortable with life.
BTW I love your selection of new plants. I look forward to pictures next summer! Happy Gardening!
Mereknits said…
The flowers are all so beautiful, if only we could grow something like that here in the tropics of Florida. I love to read, all sorts of books. I do like a historical component as it helps me learn a bit at the same time. I find my education was sadly lacking in the history department either that or my teacher was so boring I can't remember a thing.
gardeninacity said…
Nice selection of plants. I especially like the Camassia (I'm crazy about blue flowers).