Some planning for the upcoming fall and - eeek, winter dare I say

I know it is only the middle of July but after all it is already the middle of July!  The summer seems to be cruising by as fast as "NASA's New Horizons" is moving!  Let's face it it is going to be fall sooner than I suspect most of us would like... well, that is of course except for all my blogging sisters in the southern hemisphere where it is all upside down from us up here in the north.

So, of course continued education for tapestry weaving will be at the top of my list.  But there are a lot of other wonderful things to keep busy with once the colder weather arrives here in New England. I really want to learn how to knit socks and mittens.  In this drafty old converted barn one can never have too many pairs of fluffy woolly socks... sometimes it is so cold I confess to wearing two pairs of socks at a time!  I kid you not! :D  Mittens, well they sort of speak for themselves.  An absolute must have for snowball fights and snowman building.  Hmm, shouldn't that be snowwoman building?!

And we can't forget putting the garden to bed before the snows arrive.  I am thinking about building a scarecrow lady for the garden and I might put her out late this summer or early fall and leave her there to give the garden a little personality over the wintering months.  Although if we get the snow we have gotten the past two winters she will get buried for the most part so perhaps upon further review I will wait until next spring for that project! LOL!

There is also the pre-planning of the raised garden beds. Well, that sounds like enough to keep me busy over the snowy months.  Now for some photos of inspiration for that sock knitting plan...

I really love both the pattern and the chunky look of these socks.  
I'm sure they would keep one's toes nice and toasty!

Since I don't wear shoes in the house the cables won't pose any discomfort issues.  Even if I do venture out into the cold my boots are extra large to accommodate heavy winter socks.

These I would need to make a few pair of as I just love that slouchy sock look and feel!

Aren't those heels just the bee's knees?!  I love the color combination as well.  
Nice and bright for a grey winter's day!

A nice simple fluffy sock!  Make several pair of these as well!  Now to just find the pattern!

And last but not least a pretty, lacy sock.  Hmm, this one is on Etsy, wonder if she sells the pattern?
Well, now that I have sent shivers up everyone's spine with all this talk about fall and winter.... giggle!!!  But seriously, best time of the year to start making socks.  Wait until fall and winter and it's really like closing the barn door once the horses are out!!! :D


Jules Woolford said…
Loving those socks! Nothing like hand knitted ones! I hope you make the scarecrow lady and knit her a nice bright scarf!x
Pam said…
Looks like some fun socks to make Beth.
KarinsArtScrap said…
stunning socks Beth specially the white/cream ones.

Gr Karin
Well, those socks look warm! Yes the summer is flying by. I have been thinking about fall, but in terms of sewing something for Halloween. And thinking about making Christmas presents, but mostly Halloween. Today, our weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 70s...a great day to work by the pond.
xx, Carol
~ Dixie said…
Great socks.
I really like the first pair and the last lacy one.
kathyinozarks said…
fabulous sock patterns-I love them all. it is so hot and humid here now at least it finally stopped raining this week-the humidity is so bad out there that I have not even kept up with the weeds much this week-thinking of fall is a good thing- usually do allot of my natural dyeing during that time-
I love your straw woman idea and I think she would look cool peeking out through the snow lol
Montanagirl said…
LOVE them! They're all so pretty, and comfy looking.
Montanagirl said…
LOVE them! They're all so pretty, and comfy looking.
Flower Freak said…
Beautiful socks.....I don't wear shoes in the house either and all of them look so nice and toasty.
It sounds as though the second half of the year is going to see you keeping yourself very busy and very cosy and what is wrong with that - nothing!!!! xx
Mereknits said…
Each pattern is so perfect. I am not a sock knitter although I gave it a good try a while back. I suffer so much from second sock syndrome that it was painful to make number two to complete the pair. Living in Florida where I wear flip flops 3/4 of the year does not make it fun to knit them. I prefer shawls that of course I never wear!
Mrs Tiggywinkle said…
Sssh Beth! Don't go wishing away the summer when it hasn't properly arrived here yet! Those socks do look tempting, though, and I could do with them here today as it's cold, dark and wet. I learned how to knit socks two years ago and I haven't looked back. Hope you are having a good weekend. x
Bronwyn said…
I thought I'd try sock knitting this winter too. I really like the lacey ones at the beginning of your list. Pretty and practical - the perfect combination!