A Little Late is Better than never...

To all my wonderful blogging sisters...

It has actually been a lovely summer so far here in my part of New England.  Even though the air-conditioner has been warranted for many days due to high humidity every day has been breezy and crystal clear blue skies.  As we live in a mountain region we tend to get late afternoon early evening cloud cover with oftentimes a brief sprinkle here and there... my idea of perfection. I am in my best moods when it rains... something very soothing about hearing the rain hitting the roof of the barn...

Although I have not finished the garden an incredible amount was accomplished so far this summer.  I have decided to hire a helper in September when my order of plants that are to be planted in the fall will arrive.  We will then also finish off the mulching and laying the last of the path stones.

Next season's budget is pretty much already delegated for specific things such as my white picket fencing and two arbors.  Of course the raised beds that were finally put in this year will be planted to the brim with fruits, veg and herbs.

I recently found a wonderful website called Vintage Remedies where you can take courses online for herbalism, aromatherapy, botanical skin care and even advanced botanical medicine as well as certifications in some courses.  I have already signed up for their free course, yes you read that right FREE... it is called Herbalism 101 and it is not one of those fluff things you often run into on the Internet when it is free... just an FYI in case any of you out there have interests in living healthier more natural lives you might just want to pop over there.  I'm not an affiliate and am not being paid for this blurb... just passing on to my peeps information I find interesting and thought you might as well.

I sold off my large 32" Ashford rigid heddle loom to my dear friend Meredith over at Mereknits because I knew she would make good use of it. Her purchase allowed me to buy my first Mirrix tapestry loom and I couldn't be happier.  Since I have fallen in love with tapestry weaving I really didn't need such a large rigid heddle loom and it was taking up a large amount of space in my small studio.  I still have my 16" Ashford rigid heddle loom for scarves and my triangle and rectangle looms for making shawls so it's no like I am without! LOL!  Heaven forbid... :D

Yesterday I attempted something I have never done before, installing a new lighting fixture.  It went fine up to the very last part where you have to line up the base of the fixture so it is attached to the electrical box and flush with the ceiling.  I worked on this light trying to align the two stinkin' screws from 10:30 in the morning until 2:30 pm, I kid you not!  I finally surrendered and called a friend that does odd jobs - it took him about 10 minutes!!!  I was just about in tears I was so tired and frustrated but it all ended fine in the end and my new light looks gorgeous.  I didn't take a photo of it actually installed because I don't want you all to see how dirty my once white walls are!  I will show you lots more as I get rooms painted or covered with fabric.

 It's a good thing because I have four more light fixtures to install!  Not today though! LOL!  My arms feel like lead weights they are so sore from having them raised up in the air fiddling with that light for so long!  But as they say, the mistakes you make you learn the most from and I sure learned a lot about installing new lights! :D


Yes! But the effort to do it all by yourself is still gratifying, even with help on the final step!! Yep August is here with June type temps and I am so glad for that because the humidity is temporarily gone. Terry has felt well enough to work outside and I'll be staining the decks starting Friday.

Life is good!!
xx, Carol
kathyinozarks said…
so sorry about the light fixture episode-I know what you mean about getting sore-seems no matter what I do these days I get sore now.
sounds like you are still pretty busy, I am learning how to use my russian spindle-its lightweight and lovely-the other one is just so heavy and chunky to me now lol
Happy crafting and gardening!
Mereknits said…
I am loving that new loom of mine, thanks to you!
Okay I have to go check out that site... It is right up my alley!