Ho Humm...

Hi to all of my lovely blogging sisters! First off, this is not an up and cheerful post so if you are in need of that kind of post go visit another of our blogging sisters today.

I hope summer is being good to you all, and the upcoming spring to all of my blogging sisters down in the southern hemisphere!  I can hardly believe it is already August... where has the summer gotten to?

Doing an assessment of the summer thus far I guess I have accomplished a lot of things that had been on my Garden To Do list for several years so that of course feels good.


As to the year 2015 thus far it has been a roller coaster ride with adjusting to being in a new decade of my life, losing my best furry friend ever, Raphael,  and going through two different cat catastrophes.

First, crazy but totally cute... Miss Savannah

and then the dark handsome and mysterious Sebastain

This past Sunday DH took Sebastian back to the shelter because we just couldn't afford his medical bills nor his non-stop meowing. In the month and a half that we had Sebastian he cost us almost $600.00 in vet bills !!!  We will not get into the discussion of the "to remain unnamed shelter" or my vet.  If I ever have another pet it will be taken care of by a new vet! And that's all I have to say on that matter for now.

 So, for the first time in over 17 years when DH goes off to work I am completely and utterly alone.  Although I never had human children I have had my fair share and then some of fur babies.  I can honestly say that I now know what empty nest syndrome feels like.  I've been wandering around the house being unable to settle on any one thing.  Reading can't hold my attention, spinning I can't concentrate enough, weaving just not feeling creative enough and I have picked back up my jewelry making and that is all I have managed to work with.

Well really I've been watching YouTube videos to learn the technique of Soutache and working with Shibori Ribbon.  I love making cuff bracelets and hope to have a small inventory by the time Christmas craft shows are beginning to participate in a few.  Just in case you are not familiar with soutache or shibori ribbon here are a couple of excellent videos of the amazing work of Beading4perfectionists over on YouTube... So in an effort to leave you all on a positive note...

I hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their summer or the ending of their winter !!!


ellen said…
I do understand what it is like to lose a beloved furry companion. You keep expecting to see them in the usual places, and when you don't it breaks your heart. It takes time for certain..and hopefully with that time, the lovely and good memories will fill your heart.
I hope I'm always in the company of a fur baby....mostly a cat these days, and yes I know what you are going through after losing all my cats I went through a period without any, and I couldn't stand it.
Vet bills have sky rocketed because we can now give our pets any of the health care options available to humans....
My granddaughter recently was out of pocket at least two thousand dollars on her cats, and we kept holding our breath nothing else would go wrong.
I'm sorry that you are having such a dark summer, keeping my fingers crossed it will get better for you !
Kristina said…
Aw, we do miss our furry friends. This year we lost two dogs and a cat. It feels so strange and odd too. I love cuff bracelets, but can never find them my size.
Debbie said…
I understand your position and I'm sure the decision was not made in haste. The vet bills can mount up in no time and if there's not some light at the end of the tunnel...you certainly did your best.

As for the being home alone, for us after Quincy passed it was a long haul and a lot of alone time for me. It was different for sure and maybe what we both needed. That is until two weeks ago when we welcomed a new critter...who is presenting tearing up newspaper....I guess we were ready for this change too.

Things will fall in place, before you know it you will be so busy with projects!
I'm sorry you're in such a difficult place. It is so hard to lose a fur friend.
hester dove said…
So sad to loose a furry friend. And then going through difficulties with the others. The place will feel empty and soon you will be ready to rescue a couple more furries to fill the place in your heart. Rescue's always give back more than they realize. Happy thoughts for lovely weather from one who is baking, drying out and longing for a bit of green that won't die due to the het.
kathyinozarks said…
so sorry about your last two kitty "episodes" and your vet bill geesh just too much. I feel your pain-we lost our Nikita (our wolf family member) two years ago now from old age and we miss her still-we will never get over it. Our kitty Miss Calico is at least 12 years old now maybe more-we will be lost without her when that time comes.
Perhaps you will find a little kitten that needs you-hugs
I am off to check out your videos thanks
Hi Beth
I'm so sorry you have lost you best fur friend. I know how hard that is. It's sad that you weren't told about Sebastian's health issues before you adopted him. I have only dealt with one Rescue Org. and they are always honest about all issues regarding a potential adoption. I have had that bad vet experience in the past. Sadly some only see $$.

So, you have focused on jewelry right now. It's good to keep your mind busy and learning a new technique may be just the medicine you need.

Be well.
xx, Carol
Sorry to hear that you have had such a difficult time of things. It must be heart wrenching to have to take a cat back to the shelter, such a shame that the medical bills were too much for you to be able to bear. You must be very sad and lonely without a kitty to keep you company during the day. I hope that you can settle soon and be less upset. Hugs for you! xx