Morning thoughts after a restless night

Both from the freshness of the morning as well as really strong coffee!  Okay tea, Earl Grey or Lapsang Souchong (this one probably not for everyone, the aroma reminds me of a camp fire), would be great as well!

Now on to some serious stuff... I have my comments section set on owner approval so I am supposed to get an email each time one of you posts. Right?  Something made me go to the comments section of the tools for my blog this morning and "GASP" I was greeted with no less than 30 unanswered, unacknowledged emails from some of my sweetest blogging sisters!!!!  

Holy Cow!  Geez Louise!  and so on....   PLEASE FORGIVE ME.  Here you were probably thinking well what in the heck did I do to her for her not to answer me...  NOTHING ...  it was Blogger and my negligence.  We always get into trouble when we become complacent!!!  I feel really terrible and I already felt pretty crumby this morning after a sleepless night... however, this topped the cake and, and, and,....!!!

I love each and every one of you no matter if you have time to visit often or just once or twice a year!!!  The same holds true if I don't get around to your blog often... I think about all of you just the same... please don't forget that you all mean an awful lot to me!!!  

This is our new bonding mechanism in the twenty-first century and even though we have never met face to face does not mean we are not friends just the same.  It's like having a pen pal back in the day or a dear friend who moves away...

Hugs to ALL of you!!!!


Quinn said…
Aw, I wouldn't worry about response time on blog comments, Beth. Unless I happen to be online when a comment appears, I often respond to multiple earlier comments when I'm putting up a new post, and that can be several days later. Or I "reply" by commenting on the other person's blog. I think readers understand that different bloggers have different habits, and that's fine. I doubt anyone's feelings were hurt by a delayed response. :)
kathyinozarks said…
hugs back, that happened to me last week, I was changing my background design so decided to go through settings-same thing-a whole mess of comments just sitting there for approval-it is embarassing when that happens
Jules Woolford said…
I think we've all experienced that in one form or another! I know I have. We bloggers understand that sometimes life/events just taken over.x
Pam said…
I was wondering why I haven't heard from you!! Glad you discovered it!!
Mereknits said…
So many of the comments I get do not come to my email anymore, I have no idea why. So frustrating!
Hugs to you,
No prob Beth!! Most bloggers know life gets busy, blogger no longer sends notifications that you got a comment unless you have them sent to your gmail address, AND I suspect some comments made from Apple phones and other readers besides the blog dashboard don't get noticed too.

We are all still here enjoying your posts!
Have a great weekend.
x, Carol
Dawn McHugh said…
Technology is wonderful when it works :-)
Helen said…
Hey Beth thank you so much for your sweet message on my blog - absolutely no worries at all, it's happened to me lots before :) I really wouldn't worry I'm sure we've all done it!! Hope all's well :)
This is the very reason I had to change my email.... Bloggers were not getting my comments and after months of this it was making me sad. So I changed emails and now everyone should be getting my comments emailed again. I plan to email you shortly to answer your question about the dehydrator.