An Early Morning

After the first restful night in weeks I was awoken by the frolicking Tigger-like bounces of my 15 week old kitten, Ms. Winnie!  It was at the latest a few moments past sunrise when I noticed it. The crispness of the air could be seen in the heathered sky of soft pinks and oranges surrounded by the beginning coloring of the daily blue sky.  Early mornings, so I am told, as I am not generally considered a morning person, are often this beautiful. Filled with the scent of possibility.  

If not for this tiny little bundle of joy who has barely been on this earth for a heartbeat in geologic time all the beauty, and the accompanying calm that washed over my soul would have been completely missed, moving silently and unacknowledged into the vaults of time passed. All is connected.


What a great photo, enjoy your day!x
Ahh Beth! What a wonderful capture of serenity. I'm surrounded by trees, and even though I am up at 5 every morning, I rarely see the beauty of sunrise in Panoramma. Thanks your sharing and you really should rise to enjoy this more often. After all, winter is coming and you can rise later and still see it!!
xx, Carol
Kristina said…
That is one beautiful photo!
Such an incredibly beautiful photograph and scene! Well worth being up early for! xx
kathyinozarks said…
fabulous photo-almost looks like a painting
Mereknits said…
I often see the sun rising over the bay when I am on my way to work it is a thing of beauty.
ellen said…
OH MY THAT IS SPECTACULAR! What beauty. Thank you..and what a sweetie pie to wake you up for this.