So Much Energy...or not!!!

Holy cow did I forget how much energy is stored up in one tiny ball of kitten!!! LOL!  Winnie is exhausting but a wonderful kind of exhausting of course.  It's funny to watch her and her mom play and run all over the house, and it does my heart good to know that I have been able to offer these two astoundingly loving animals a safe place they can truly call home!

The contrast between Maggie (mom cat) and Winnie (baby cat) is really interesting to watch as Maggie is very cautious, perhaps that's because she became a mom cat or perhaps it's just her personality while Winnie runs around with the reckless abandon of youth, lol!

You remember youth don't you?  I vaguely do :D  We thought we were invincible and were going to change the world, ha, ha, ha!  Okay, in all fairness I'm sure some did manage to change small portions of the world.  Me, I am happy if I can keep my tiny little corner of the world under some semblance of control... more laughter I know! :D

So, to get to the point of this post, yes, Louise there is actually a point to this post :D  While re-discovering the energy and curiosity of a kitten I have had to completely re-think what crafts I could safely play with while Ms. Winnie is in her kitten-hood, and believe me it is not anything that involves string, yarn, beads or looms... SIGH!!!

I spent one entire day in my studio putting all of my WIP's away making sure their instructions were safely attached so I would be able to pick up, more or less where I had left off.  I wrapped up my projects that are already on looms so Ms. Winnie and her extreme fascination with dangly bits could not get into more trouble.  I say more trouble because Ms. Winnie did manage to pull and break a couple of strings of a bracelet I was bead weaving... luckily I caught it in time before she ate any string.

Although Winnie did not eat any string or seed beads I did spend about an hours worth of quality time with my carpet!!!  Do you know how tiny seed beads are?  Do you have any idea how hard they are to find in a carpet?  Finally, being relatively satisfied I had found as many seed beads as these aging eyes were going to find I sorted them into their respective colors and put them back into their bags for a time in the future... as yet undetermined! :D

Today I finished my studio re-re-re-re-re-organizing.  I moved 8 bins of my yarn out of my studio and 7 bins of fabric into the yarn's place.  The only thing I can safely work on at this time is quilting.  If I hadn't given all of my painting supplies away I would have considered painting some more of my Whimsical Ladies... oh well!  Isn't that how it always works?  You decide to have a clear out and then a little while down the road you are asking yourself why you gave it all away?! LOL!!! C'est la vie!

Today I will spend time learning how to use my new Brother CS-6000i sewing machine.  I will crack out my antique Singer for the basic stitching but for the quilting I need the fancy stitches on my Brother.  No, honestly, I don't regret or miss my uber fancy Bernina that I sold on Ebay.  She had always been more machine than I ever needed or used.  Hopefully, soon I will be able to show you some photos of projects but at the moment my SD card and card reader both have died and are awaiting replacement.

For now I am attaching this really cool video by Missouri Star Quilt Company of the quilt I am planning out... enjoy... Even if you don't quilt you have to see this, it is really amazing how easy this complicated quilt is.  I wish I had this kind of creative brain! :D


Montanagirl said…
That is the cutest kitten!
When I decided in the spring that I needed a second sewing machine, I wanted it to be inexpensive. I have a Viking that I absolutely love and will always be my main machine. I bought the Brother that you have now and am totally pleased with it. It preforms very well for a $150 investment and I must say that I was very surprised about it. It actually has MORE decorative stitches than my Viking, though not many of the features that I love about my Viking. I'll be interested in seeing what you quilt!!
xx, Carol
It sounds as though your hands are going to be very full of kitten and cat wrangling for some time, so I wonder how much time you will have left for crafting! Fun to be playing with a kitten though! A little tip for picking up beads, take a very fine piece of fabric or gauze or something and put it over the nozzle end of your vacuum cleaner and hold it in place with a rubber band, then turn on the vacuum and suck up the beads, they will suck up if they are tiny and not go up into the vacuum because of the fabric! It is a conservation technique for not sucking up small things, but they do get sucked up so it will work well for things like this! xx
Mereknits said…
Winnie sounds like a fluffy ball of fun. She will keep you hopping. Have fun with your babies and your new sewing project.