A Journey of Self-Discovery

I've been away from my blog for a good while now and thought I would check in with everyone to see how they are doing and to give a little update on me.  I've been on a journey of late looking beyond my magical muse because even she is unable to take me to all the places I need to visit for a deeper understanding of myself.

I've been hard at work in my studio challenging myself and taking leaps into the often unknown. I still have my weaving passion, as well as whimsical paintings and have been having lots of fun making prints on my homemade 12"x12" geli plate. WARNING: geli printing is ADDICTIVE!

I've also been trying my hand at making my own stencils but I have really gotten hooked on learning collage.  As usual I am taking more classes than humanly possible to finish in this lifetime but I have been paying special attention to actually making the art from the workshops this year!... that's a big NEW terrain for me : )

The house is collecting cobwebs I am ashamed to say and the garden... well, the garden.  It having been so cold so late into the spring I couldn't do anything outside.  Then it got too buggy... because of the incredibly mild winter the bugs were really in force once it started warming up at the end of May. I hope to get at least my herb garden started and the trellises and arbor up but I have a feeling that will be the limit this year.  Hopefully, this fall won't get so cold so quickly and I can plant the bulbs and peonies for next season.

This is where I left off last spring... stay tuned for an update

Have a fabulous summer everyone - I will check in as time allows...


Dawn McHugh said…
I have a Gellie plate havent played with it yet, perhaps this winter when I have more times on my hands :-)
Denise said…
You and I share many of the same pastimes. So nice to find that : ) Denise
Mereknits said…
So nice to see your post Beth, so glad you are doing well you have been missed.
LindaLee said…
I just love your house. Looks so country and homey. Your yard as well. I always have plans for our yard that I don't quite finish in the same season. We just keep trying though, and one day, it all may get done! Then there's the weeds.....That's another story. Keep up the good work, and the classes are always fun.
kathyinozarks said…
Good morning, so good to read about your new art journey-I think it's good for the soul My garden is so so this year-cold spring here then no rain now steamy hot-I have working on my spinning almost every day or at least every other day-finally getting better with my wheel. I am taking a beginning spinning class in a couple weeks-hope to pick up some things I don't know.
enjoy your art-hugs Kathy