Moving Day

UPDATE as of Dec. 23, 2016 blog addy has been changed to

N.B. - new blog from today forward:  and website is  I am leaving The Whimsical Dowager up for posterity I guess at least for now.  There is a lot of me in this blog and I'm not so quick that I want to erase it all.

Hi all! Today will be the last post at the Whimsical Dowager.  I have decided to build a brand new blog as well as my website.  This past year has been rough and it flowed well over into the new year of 2016.  I am just now getting my energy and motivation back.  Let's just say I spent far too long in a dark place but hopefully that is all over with for now.

I know many of you felt abandoned and it was most certainly not my attention... depression is a powerful thing that could stop a charging elephant in its tracks!  Anyway, with the turning of my 61st birthday I felt I needed a fresh start hence the new blog and website.  I hope at least some of you will be willing to follow me again and to those that don't I understand.

I feel my artsy interests have also metamorphosed where many of the old things no longer, at least now, hold no interest for me. (Never say never...)  I am still weaving but on the smaller size of necklaces and tapestries.  I have also picked up bead weaving which is just as meditative as weaving being as similar as they are. I have also fallen in love with paper collage and am just awaiting a couple of tools to get started in that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you over at my website and my new blog.

Great big giant hugs to you all...


Quinn said…
Hey there, Beth! Nice to see you pop up in my reader list. I'll come visit your new site. Good luck with your new direction!